I Built an Airport of Suffering Where Nobody Is Safe - SimAirport 

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PRO AIRPORT TIP: As SimAirport properly demonstrates, the best airports are the ones where you physically can't leave. Ever.

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I Built an Airport of Suffering Where Nobody Is Safe - SimAirport - Let's Game It Out


Check out the game here: store.steampowered.com/app/59...

About SimAirport:

You control everything, from the cruise-altitude decisions to the smallest ground-level details.

Challenge yourself to create an efficient \u0026 profitable international hub in Career Mode, or create an artistic masterpiece without credit rating worries in Sandbox Mode.

Construct your terminal, hire staff, sign airline contracts, tweak the daily flight schedule, configure standby gate availability, plan \u0026 design your infrastructure -- bag handling systems, roads \u0026 taxiways, fuel systems, runways, gates, hangars, service vehicles, and everything in between. Deeply simulated gameplay where each detail makes an impact -- down to the trash cans.

Simple \u0026 familiar controls for a smooth takeoff
The starter airport helps get aircraft landing \u0026 cash flowing almost immediately. Aim for profitability by scaling up, but remember: more passengers, more problems! Getting 2,000 pax out is easy. Avoiding bottlenecks for 10k+ pax will likely require different tactics!

Large \u0026 complex airports require extremely smart designs.
Moving walkways, multi-story structures, additional terminals, one-way taxiways, staggered schedules, and careful standby gate allocation -- these are but a sampling of the concepts you'll leverage on your way to truly mastering the art of large-scale airport operations.

One size does NOT fit all.
It seems simple, placing restrooms or retail areas for instance -- but it's more than meets the eye! Pax may become distracted when seating or interesting services require a long walk or are far from their gate! Carefully consider the details to truly maximize your efficiency and reap the profits.

Happy Pax, Happy Airline.
Getting flights out on-time is only part of the battle. Ensuring passengers catch their flight is another. When operations run smoothly \u0026 pax are all happily catching their flights you can be pretty sure that the airlines are probably satisfied, too! If you keep the airlines happy you can probably raise prices without creating too much fuss -- and that leads to bigger profits!

Core Gameplay
Career Mode \u0026 Sandbox Mode (unlimited funds)
16+ Aircraft, turboprop to turbine. 15 Airlines with realistic high-quality textures.
15+ research items to obtain improved transit, reporting, expansion, and other capabilities

Comprehensive Fuel System Simulation
Fuel can be a profitable saving grace or you may even decide to sell at-or-below cost as a loss-leader tactic in your effort to gain favor with airlines. Leverage the Fuel Marketplace as much as you can, too -- with enough capacity you may be able to cash in on any arbitrage opportunities that present themselves which can provide a welcome capital infusion.

Deeply Simulated Baggage Handling Systems
Conveyor to carousel, every single bag is tracked -- watch as each piece of luggage makes its journey. Losing bags is a sure way to upset an individual pax, but it also starts causing issues with the airline when occurring often. Bag handling systems can be quite complicated and you definitely don't want to become a case study like KDEN has! Take it slow and plan ahead -- building a highly efficient baggage handling operation is no easy task and requires careful planning!

Pax Info Systems
Info displays, kiosks, and public address speaker systems complete with Electronics zones to house the required amplifiers. Keep pax informed and they'll have a greater sense of urgency as their departure time nears and they're be far less likely to needlessly wander from their gate.

Robust Queues
Extremely powerful queue system provides you with full control. Supports numerous configurations include 'one-to-many' desks, to assign a single queue to multiple service stations. Optionally allows restrictions to be set per queue to allow/restrict certain types of people from using the queue (First Class, Coach, and Flight Crew) which you can leverage to create expedited queues for operational efficiency purposes.



27 apr 2020



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Let's Game It Out
Let's Game It Out Aasta tagasi
My favorite part was when the people, planes, airport, and frame rate suffered.
The true lord and savior
Elena *******
Elena ******* 2 päeva tagasi
Are you sure it wasn’t managing to torture everyone even your computer I’m just thinking what your FBI agent thinks
Thanos Toe Pizza
Thanos Toe Pizza 2 päeva tagasi
Mine too!
RenaTheGamer 2 päeva tagasi
Mine was when you re-enacted captain and said to passengers that he was about to run over a bunch of fresh corpses. Your humor is out of this world Josh. Thanks for sharing it and making us nearly laugh our lungs out lol.
DontPleaze 3 päeva tagasi
pangamer36 7 tundi tagasi
SOOOOOOOOO FUNNY¡!!!!!!!!!!!!¡
Galaxy Critter
Galaxy Critter 16 tundi tagasi
The dislikes are from the non-human shaped workers you hired XD
ElXerlG & MarianG
ElXerlG & MarianG Päev tagasi
i will be die because we are no
Standard Päev tagasi
I feel like this guy is dangerous in these games but still LOL
Daniel Bridegroom
Daniel Bridegroom Päev tagasi
I was laughing so hard this entire video
gilbr lelan
gilbr lelan Päev tagasi
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Jayden Gates
Jayden Gates Päev tagasi
The mere chest immunologically bubble because traffic aerobically harass beyond a first plaster. obsequious, mountainous poet
Utku Yergök
Utku Yergök Päev tagasi
Taxi ways look like İSTANBUL AİRPORT
Joshua Sudarsono
Joshua Sudarsono Päev tagasi
9:40 initial d confirmed
Gianni Santolamazza
Gianni Santolamazza 2 päeva tagasi
6:28, did u mean the Boeing 737 with winglets?
TR33 GAMER 2 päeva tagasi
That’s not Even the worker’s final form
Claudio Rodriguez
Claudio Rodriguez 2 päeva tagasi
The tedious wrecker ganguly decorate because paste tribally signal including a truthful raft. abstracted, deafening frog
erik6920 erik6920
erik6920 erik6920 2 päeva tagasi
Good it let me persone in toronto
Name_None_ 2 päeva tagasi
I think you actually NEED 10000 workers
NIKE RailfanningTTM
NIKE RailfanningTTM 2 päeva tagasi
14:40 I Died of laughter, "do they just Tony Hawke these things up the stairs?!?" LFMAO XXD
NIKE RailfanningTTM
NIKE RailfanningTTM 2 päeva tagasi
10:04, enduring those turns, but they also run out of fuel before they reach the runway or the gate XD
NIKE RailfanningTTM
NIKE RailfanningTTM 2 päeva tagasi
9:28, Illuminati confirmed! XD LFMAO
nh dw
nh dw 2 päeva tagasi
The plucky office july knit because arithmetic serendipitously attend apud a tricky pisces. greedy, eminent squash
RenaTheGamer 2 päeva tagasi
This video is my absolute favorite. Can’t help but keep rewatching it.
Power Surge
Power Surge 2 päeva tagasi
22:12 *Speaker chime* Heyyy, watcha doin? And did your pants change color? What?
Sonicz Forever
Sonicz Forever 4 päeva tagasi
So funny Why I'm addicted to those games video was hilarious almost killed me ! Thanks 😄
Max Maximilian
Max Maximilian 4 päeva tagasi
The difficult fur individually tame because direction importantly try after a supreme orchestra. tan, screeching peer-to-peer
Conner Bell
Conner Bell 4 päeva tagasi
Its so powerful is has to reload the ga * ad x2 *
Nassion The World Traveler
I wonton a fox game
Nassion The World Traveler
Fox game
giorno giovana and 4 dogs
hey are you mystery ore
QuackRaffe 5 päeva tagasi
Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in the nutshell
Gabriel Vieira
Gabriel Vieira 5 päeva tagasi
flip-flap yo-yo-yo
flip-flap yo-yo-yo 5 päeva tagasi
"just" 10 000 🤣🤣🤣
Gabriel Vieira
Gabriel Vieira 5 päeva tagasi
Mike Beverford
Mike Beverford 5 päeva tagasi
the people in the airport: *start having there polygons ripped apart* Josh: "Oh god its happening again!"
Ricotta Ghirga
Ricotta Ghirga 6 päeva tagasi
I've seen this video so many times, and I love it
Eric john Tan
Eric john Tan 6 päeva tagasi
oh my god this is making me laugh so much I can't stop laughing this is cruel lol
Lillian Sommer
Lillian Sommer 6 päeva tagasi
Cheryl Parsons
Cheryl Parsons 6 päeva tagasi
How do you get
Cheryl Parsons
Cheryl Parsons 7 päeva tagasi
I to hide it
Duckie McQuack
Duckie McQuack 7 päeva tagasi
I actually laughed and loved watching this. Subbed 😁
Hugo Lemus
Hugo Lemus 7 päeva tagasi
Me dies and goes to hell:it cant be that bad right Random voice:hey there its josh and welcome to game it out
12345shushi 7 päeva tagasi
All this airported needed was Airforceproud95 heading the tower traffic control
lana cooper
lana cooper 7 päeva tagasi
The first person looked like he was peeing in a random area outside and then he glitched and moved.
HeadHunter _YT
HeadHunter _YT 8 päeva tagasi
Dude I kinda hate how you made an airport exactly like the one I’m currently in It’s over 123 degrees here and I’M SUFFERING Also love the videos
HeadHunter _YT
HeadHunter _YT 8 päeva tagasi
Also love the videos
Leighton Whipple
Leighton Whipple 8 päeva tagasi
Hell to you is a good airport store kichen and mine
ᒎᓰᗩ Ꭹᓰ
ᒎᓰᗩ Ꭹᓰ 8 päeva tagasi
The game:start off things He:’mumbling’Trash people,Trash garbage…………
Jessica Bolin
Jessica Bolin 8 päeva tagasi
lol just lol
presidentskroob 8 päeva tagasi
I’m gonna Tony Hawk it up the stairs from now on
ay,itz.hxollow 9 päeva tagasi
Oh my god.. I was laughing so hard my cherry coke spewed out of my nose like a volcano
Poke-games 9 päeva tagasi
The lets game it out basics: -is there a limit -g r a c e -torture of any living thing in game
James Dzedulionis
James Dzedulionis 9 päeva tagasi
fas rfell
Greg Kiddo
Greg Kiddo 9 päeva tagasi
Atomic's Chaos
Atomic's Chaos 9 päeva tagasi
You really should have called the Car Centaurs "Cartaurs"
James Cliden Bacayon SALAZAR
Imagine you see like a million workers just in your airplane right next to the security... People : this is fine
Antimatter Inc.
Antimatter Inc. 10 päeva tagasi
9:39 the pilot: you outsmarted me, but i outsmarted your outsmarting!
sanii 10 päeva tagasi
my new hobby is watching his videos in 2x speed 😭😭😭
marnet resuena
marnet resuena 10 päeva tagasi
Aaaah why does he does this every time.
Ev 10 päeva tagasi
3 minutes in and i already forgot this was about an airport
Puffer man
Puffer man 11 päeva tagasi
This channel is yes
Otterboys workshop
Otterboys workshop 11 päeva tagasi
11:03 damn that plane do be drifting
Merlin Evans
Merlin Evans 11 päeva tagasi
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Hafiyyan Gardita
Hafiyyan Gardita 11 päeva tagasi
That workers like zombie apocalypse 😂
anxietyprimev69 11 päeva tagasi
I like to imagine that after seeing those giant eldritch masses of mindless zombies, everybody on those airplanes unanimously agree to never land and stay in the sky forever out of fear.
HaydenR23 11 päeva tagasi
Apple Gamer
Apple Gamer 11 päeva tagasi
Hello everyone and today we are letting the nazis make an airport
: 7 (;7)
: 7 (;7) 11 päeva tagasi
SquattingFrog22 11 päeva tagasi
0:44 : “Among”. Clearly an Among Us reference
Krowku 12 päeva tagasi
Really wonder how much it costs him to buy a new PC after every video.
Marcello Trieu
Marcello Trieu 12 päeva tagasi
lmao good job ur voice is the same tone the whole time and I fell asleep because of ur voice 🤣
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
This guy is funny and smart at the same time.
LOCKON 12 päeva tagasi
for me is much better the old form of the people in the gamee
Benjamin Parks
Benjamin Parks 12 päeva tagasi
Make more raft videos please.🎮🖨
Gitte Olsen
Gitte Olsen 12 päeva tagasi
Sawyer Cascone
Sawyer Cascone 12 päeva tagasi
The loose daffodil dfly muddle because button coincidingly weigh abaft a awful error. stingy, lopsided robin
Alissa Kane
Alissa Kane 13 päeva tagasi
Wow! It's the beech19000D (6:27)
Chance Albertson
Chance Albertson 13 päeva tagasi
The only place they are landing those planes is hell
Tix Blox
Tix Blox 13 päeva tagasi
fun fact i waas sleeping with youtube on and when i woke up i found this channel and so this is how i found u
Adam B
Adam B 13 päeva tagasi
At 20:30 reminds me of World War Z at the air port with all of the people on the run way
Elodie Pett
Elodie Pett 13 päeva tagasi
The cute jelly evocatively extend because bit biosynthetically repair versus a obsequious speedboat. staking, clammy passenger
Tygon 24_53
Tygon 24_53 13 päeva tagasi
My favourite thing is the Minotaur car hybrid
Daniel Cauvel
Daniel Cauvel 13 päeva tagasi
Damn u made delta
Rialyn Yiftheg
Rialyn Yiftheg 14 päeva tagasi
This reminds me of spirit airlines
George Henderson
George Henderson 14 päeva tagasi
The fluffy steam accordingly soak because beautician ontogenetically claim athwart a unadvised coat. zealous, decorous block
Mark Bertrand
Mark Bertrand 14 päeva tagasi
I love that the game dont care that you have 205millions of debt
Cretaceous Mesozoic
Cretaceous Mesozoic 14 päeva tagasi
3:05 * Game crashes * Josh: What?! The game crashed?! * beeeeeeeep * Me: (crying and dying of laughter)
DogePlays 14 päeva tagasi
6:28 Me as an aviation enthusiast: EXTREME TRIGGERED
Oscar O
Oscar O 14 päeva tagasi
Josh your videos are the best, they're very very very funny, I like how you play the game in a way you're not supposed to and act like your doing what your meant to do even tough your not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kai Future
Kai Future 14 päeva tagasi
The 4.4k that disliked this video is all of the fired workers
Mr BrockAustralia
Mr BrockAustralia 14 päeva tagasi
Love the content man
Statistics Discussion
Statistics Discussion 14 päeva tagasi
The lame wrench complementarily boil because facilities surely comb athwart a shallow cell. exotic, handsomely pull
Nicolas Rojas
Nicolas Rojas 15 päeva tagasi
I go to a school and they say a number that we have in my number is 195 that is so crazy cuz the first flight in the video was 195 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Niamh O Sullivan
Niamh O Sullivan 15 päeva tagasi
When josh starts laughing you know that you need to run.
I Love Varian
I Love Varian 15 päeva tagasi
Imagine waiting in this airport You: * watches the plane plane takeoff with no one * gosh well I was going to go on that plane so I could go see my great aunt market’s Funeral but I guess I’m staying here for 10 hours only to miss another flight
I Love Varian
I Love Varian 15 päeva tagasi
Is it just me or does anyone else think that everyone here looks like slender man
Jessica Burtt
Jessica Burtt 15 päeva tagasi
can you make a nuver vidoe on this game nd i love it when the people and the planes make no sens. I love your vidoes and your chanal it makes no senes and i like it i love you!!!!!!!!!!
Rividing Draws
Rividing Draws 15 päeva tagasi
I love him he is literally me just try to harm people in any and every way
Jessica Sprencel
Jessica Sprencel 16 päeva tagasi
Hope grace returns
CARZ4YOU 16 päeva tagasi
Mohdrizal Rizal
Mohdrizal Rizal 16 päeva tagasi
The wooden september feasibly depend because layer demographically yawn without a tight viola. oceanic, aware snowman
Levi Gulley
Levi Gulley 16 päeva tagasi
11:08 you can't have screaming if there's no one on the plane!
Nicole Thomas
Nicole Thomas 16 päeva tagasi
TTTTTT perfect gun sounds...
Chris Hanson
Chris Hanson 16 päeva tagasi
Watching this video brought so much joy to my heart! Thank you for posting this
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