I Became a Millionaire by Ruining a Homeless Person's Life 

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I Became a Millionaire by Ruining a Homeless Person's Life in Hobo Tough Life - Let's Game It Out


Check it out on Steam ► store.steampowered.com/app/63...

More about Hobo: Tough Life (from Steam):

Hobo: Tough Life is an urban survival role-playing game where you play as a homeless person. Play alone or team up in online co-op. Explore the streets of Praslav, scavenge for food and supplies, beg, steal, and do whatever else it takes to survive the forthcoming winter.

Welcome to Praslav, a cold Central European city that grows even colder with the coming winter. Praslav is recovering from the political turmoil that followed the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Communist regime, which held the country in its iron grip for decades.

While most people eagerly awaited the coming of democracy and capitalism, some were unable to adapt to the new socio-economic climate. Soon they found themselves on the streets with nowhere to go.

You are one of those people.

Keep an eye on your needs and other variables, which interact in realistic ways - staying warm, dry, and well-fed are not your only concerns. Poor hygiene and dirty clothes make you smellier, low temperature increases the risk of falling ill, and whatever piece of food comes in must also come out at some point.

How far are you willing to go to survive? Steal, burgle, and consort with criminals of all sorts. If necessary, take what you need by force. However, you are not an action hero. Consider your actions carefully, for the consequences are often severe, and benefits rarely outweigh the risks. Most importantly, keep your wits about you. Even if you are not willing to hurt people for personal gain, others are.

Spend the last few days of autumn wisely - gather supplies, equipment, and materials to help you survive the most difficult of seasons. Weather is unpredictable, but there is one certainty - every day is colder than the last. With a lot of preparation and a bit of luck, you might even see the spring again.

Unlike other survival games, Hobo: Tough Life leans heavily on its story content. Experience dozens of storylines inspired by real-life events and people. Solve quests, meet unique NPCs, gain their trust, make allies and enemies, join various factions, and find your place in the streets of Praslav.

Maybe there is no warm apartment waiting for you at the end of the day, but you do not have to keep sleeping on park benches either. Find a suitable place and get to work. Construct walls and roofs to shield you from the elements. Gather discarded furniture and curios to furnish your hideout and make it truly your own.

Is surviving on your own too difficult? Get the gang together. The game supports online co-op multiplayer for up to 4 players. Play alone, together with your friends, or even with total strangers. Team up, collect resources, build a shanty town, survive the winter.

For over a decade, no one has been able to bring the many factions of the homeless together. The throne of the Homeless King has been sitting empty for far too long. Who will earn enough respect and prove themselves worthy of uniting the homeless? Will you rise to the occasion?



2 mai 2021



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Let's Game It Out
Let's Game It Out Місяць tagasi
Zilly Ziegler
Zilly Ziegler 22 päeva tagasi
dose anyone remember johnny hotbody and bodylande and absville:)
Kayden LaCourse
Kayden LaCourse 25 päeva tagasi
Malin Löf
Malin Löf Місяць tagasi
the enchanted diamond “The enchanted diamond” of all
Hydroneer had an update, you might wanna find a new exploit with there new explosive item
Donavan Harris
Donavan Harris Місяць tagasi
Nukra have been added to hydroneer
NightSteam777 2 tundi tagasi
Name someone that went through more pain then maisnor ill wait
ToxicBandit 5 tundi tagasi
Play The Coin Game !
Sellu Bah
Sellu Bah 7 tundi tagasi
Sellu Bah
Sellu Bah 7 tundi tagasi
oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof
sandy 15 tundi tagasi
Homeless man with 10 million
sandy 15 tundi tagasi
Human ATM
sandy 15 tundi tagasi
You are lucky I don't wanna die and lose all my furniture
Ivory Mantis
Ivory Mantis 22 tundi tagasi
California simulator.
Ted Hill
Ted Hill Päev tagasi
You should try minecraft
Noah Gartshore
Noah Gartshore Päev tagasi
He knows what botw is yeah les go.
skybyehi 2 päeva tagasi
sum1 seeing dat the homeles guy never gets out the chair LIKE BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH
Thomas Computer
Thomas Computer 2 päeva tagasi
the only reasons devs give him keys is because they want to know if there are any gltches.
zzjimmai59 2 päeva tagasi
Wait what?! There is a game that simulate homeless? How inappropriate and unethical is that?!
Pink Axolotl
Pink Axolotl 2 päeva tagasi
10:36 why did a ad of a baby come up
Duy 2 päeva tagasi
don't know why but Josh beating up a homeless guy is hilarious to me
Speak of FNAF
Speak of FNAF 3 päeva tagasi
POV: THE MOST BORING GAME CAME OUT Josh: Are u sure about that
Evelyn F
Evelyn F 3 päeva tagasi
but why am i hearing occasional sims building music
XenoZephiron 3 päeva tagasi
Hahaha i feel bad for mazner
zadoww 4 päeva tagasi
Who needs a simulator to be homeless?, just stop paying your rent and play it for free.
thohan99 5 päeva tagasi
Support this guy so he'll never be homeless.
The Monocle Guy
The Monocle Guy 5 päeva tagasi
"Not the Beggar king they wanted but the Beggar king they *needed* " -Batman
Kenneth Miller
Kenneth Miller 5 päeva tagasi
Lmfao "Cabella's best Wal-Mart employee"
bubba Scoops
bubba Scoops 5 päeva tagasi
Hol up you telling me he beat that dude up 2000 times?
Jan Turek
Jan Turek 6 päeva tagasi
its not dollars its czk
Galaxy Cluster
Galaxy Cluster 6 päeva tagasi
Your lifestyle is do everything in games wrong
Nifty Nix
Nifty Nix 6 päeva tagasi
Dude this is just insane
mirjana marinčić
mirjana marinčić 6 päeva tagasi
božka? nice. i think its Croatian, Russian, BIH, slovenian...ž,č,ć,š,đ,nj,lj,dž my dear Croatian weird letters!
Awgfirebird #Alexa
Awgfirebird #Alexa 6 päeva tagasi
ZzZzLiW 6 päeva tagasi
My fav ytr
ZzZzLiW 6 päeva tagasi
When a dev is in need of game breaking shat just call josh XD
dirtnite 6 päeva tagasi
All bow down to count crapula
Martha Humphrey
Martha Humphrey 6 päeva tagasi
i dare you to do a normal video
mark mcpheters
mark mcpheters 7 päeva tagasi
AidenPlays 7 päeva tagasi
You are freezing
Lonnie Falbo
Lonnie Falbo 7 päeva tagasi
The bright step-grandfather pathomorphologically walk because chair apically rock against a measly motorboat. billowy, acceptable purchase
Honza Hlavačka
Honza Hlavačka 7 päeva tagasi
Listen this city is Prague and the Majsner is the most popular homless in prague. How do i know it? I live in prague.
Crypted Anonymous
Crypted Anonymous 8 päeva tagasi
Your voice hurting my ear but no offense im just a huge fan of urs i rlly love your vids lmao
Gobra 8 päeva tagasi
Just one thing. Those are not dollars. If you convert it to dollars, you had about 47664 USD.
Noah Of Roblox :D
Noah Of Roblox :D 8 päeva tagasi
I love how Maisner is homeless yet he has probably over 700 billion dollars
jacky mai
jacky mai 8 päeva tagasi
The wanting balance preauricularly report because war systematically x-ray behind a precious windchime. animated, impartial hallway
Jake Walker
Jake Walker 8 päeva tagasi
Slaanesh2777 8 päeva tagasi
I am from the city this is in (prague) and you broke my home city :/
NotLeefy 8 päeva tagasi
Maisner's not actually homeless, he's just hiding from the Russian mafia.
Renewed Pluto
Renewed Pluto 9 päeva tagasi
I love your content your videos always make me laugh and cheer me up when I'm feely sh*tty about stuff IRL.
BenTheGoat 9 päeva tagasi
This just became pan handling simulator slowly but surely
Playlist Maker??
Playlist Maker?? 9 päeva tagasi
How does he find a way to break EVERY GAME.
MinatoAce 9 päeva tagasi
Long live the King
MinatoAce 9 päeva tagasi
Maisner is a millionaire behind the scene with questionable life choices...
Nathaniel Ambrosio
Nathaniel Ambrosio 9 päeva tagasi
Ah yes, when it comes to Josh. We all know his gameplay isn't bound to nature nor human laws 😂
DvB Be$poke
DvB Be$poke 9 päeva tagasi
maybe if you upload more than once a month you can become a millionaire
Hjalte Solvang
Hjalte Solvang 9 päeva tagasi
If he can become a millionaire by robbing Maisner, then Maisner most be a millionaire.
Nikol Jacáková (Nykcakcak)
Welcome to Czech Republic man xD
Matthew Hudgins
Matthew Hudgins 10 päeva tagasi
If you decide to stop being a EEfromr you could easily get a job as a QA tester
FantaGames 10 päeva tagasi
The city in that game is just city-17 cuz it’s made out of trash
Coding Chloe
Coding Chloe 10 päeva tagasi
Also I love your videos
Coding Chloe
Coding Chloe 10 päeva tagasi
I know this is a game and all, but Josh you can’t just straight up bully poor people all the time just for money in real life, I mean maybe you know that but you were just doing it for fun but I am just saying I am not that comfortable with that bullying
Otaku Guy
Otaku Guy 10 päeva tagasi
If you could get that ton of money from maisner, how in the world is he still homeless?
Avolux 10 päeva tagasi
Could u make a vid on SCP?
Cosmic 10 päeva tagasi
The title could be that of a documentary tbh
stxrdsst 10 päeva tagasi
the only thing different about this game was maisner wasn’t named grace.
Jacob 10 päeva tagasi
You should post more
Morne Terblanche
Morne Terblanche 10 päeva tagasi
JANGAMER 29 10 päeva tagasi
Its called a pawnshop "welcome back"
PROM3RC 10 päeva tagasi
Wilburgur and This guy have become my new favorite youtubers.
Jacoby B
Jacoby B 11 päeva tagasi
Joshes rival is graystillplays
GEM9 Crew
GEM9 Crew 11 päeva tagasi
play subnautica
Petr Svoboda
Petr Svoboda 11 päeva tagasi
Sorry to ruin your life but money in this game arent dollars but czech crowns.. 1 dollar=21czk sooo you are still pretty poor
SHADOWLORD01 11 päeva tagasi
when it said "2.7 years later" i was like wtf?!?! then i saw the "ingame time" and was like oh that makes sense
FÜÑŃŸ HÆHÀ 11 päeva tagasi
I think this is how mr beast got rich
90Entergetical aka Bot3141 (aka bot3141)
Christ Lundy
Christ Lundy 11 päeva tagasi
Bro stop I’m in gym and trying not look like a weirdo laughing at my phone
chai purple
chai purple 11 päeva tagasi
Please play subnautica!!
Bodhi Sattva
Bodhi Sattva 11 päeva tagasi
Your a fu*king gangster!!!
Jack Yeh
Jack Yeh 12 päeva tagasi
The jumpy ocelot rationally trade because attic optically reproduce notwithstanding a flimsy grape. simplistic, ill-fated snowplow
Connor Abar
Connor Abar 12 päeva tagasi
Yeap love your editing the long hours into a shot video haha cheers
Riley Lambert
Riley Lambert 12 päeva tagasi
Tan 12 päeva tagasi
This ithe most hilarious game glitch I've seen
John David
John David 12 päeva tagasi
Poor Maisner ...
fire destroyer
fire destroyer 12 päeva tagasi
Maisner: wait I have that much money! *Reload gun sound* Homeless man: always has bin
Pizza noob
Pizza noob 12 päeva tagasi
Mpeig Productions
Mpeig Productions 12 päeva tagasi
Can confirm this does not work in real life, but on the other hand being homeless king is pretty fun.
FlamesAndShadows 12 päeva tagasi
The fact its jeans and the ludicrous charisma bonus they give is totally random and wrong, but I loved the Red Dwarf reference. Was just thinking about re-watching those series!)))
Buddycat Dudeguy
Buddycat Dudeguy 12 päeva tagasi
I've seen people play this game a few times, and every time it was difficult, but Josh found an infinite money exploit immediately.
Josh Catindig
Josh Catindig 12 päeva tagasi
He asks why they give keys to him even tho he basicly just a free beta tester that can find bugs
Insane Yogurt
Insane Yogurt 13 päeva tagasi
Homeless obi wan looks more like opium wan
S R 13 päeva tagasi
Does this seem like a really weird game to anyone else? Treating homeless people as some sort of... I don't even know how to describe it. Like they're magical creatures or adventurers or something. Like, I get that we're laughing at funny gameplay, and the gameplay IS funny, but... who made this? Whose idea was it to exoticize homelessness? "Homeless king"?
Tiffany Sturgill
Tiffany Sturgill 13 päeva tagasi
Nik on Drum
Nik on Drum 13 päeva tagasi
Ah yes, the Czech games are the best.
xBLOXMENx 13 päeva tagasi
I feel bad for the old guy got bullied
Darksider Forever
Darksider Forever 13 päeva tagasi
Onii, Onii-Chan!
Onii, Onii-Chan! 13 päeva tagasi
I appreciate Josh' spending hours and hours to collect money and doing hilarious stuff around the game
Sean 13 päeva tagasi
Long live the King! 👑
Mr. Octagator
Mr. Octagator 13 päeva tagasi
Wait, if you became a millionaire, that means... BRO MASONER WAS A MILLIONARE AND STILL SAT THERE FOR HIS ENTIRE LIFE!!!
Hey can you play ark?
TeriyakiKusunoki 13 päeva tagasi
i mean,they never stopped other millionares before ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Gab Reyes
Gab Reyes 13 päeva tagasi
Almost died watching this bc i lauch so much
JaimerTheGamer 14 päeva tagasi
i love how he calls beating up a homeless dude and stealing 500 dollars from him "taking a loan"
MrKnaives 14 päeva tagasi
with the money he's getting he can just rent an apartment...
instantchampion 14 päeva tagasi
Huge fan of your videos!
stick flip
stick flip 14 päeva tagasi
Wait, how much money does that "homeless" person have?
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If you laugh you get cancelled...
Vaatamised 5 mln
If you laugh you get cancelled...
The Fart Limit #shorts
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