I Forced People to Work Nonstop for 500 Years Straight - Good Company 

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Check out Good Company here: store.steampowered.com/app/91...

Good Company is a tycoon management simulation about building, automating and optimizing a robot manufacturing empire, where you are the CEO.

Play in single-player Campaign Mode, tackling scenario levels and bonus challenge maps.

Put your knowledge to the test in endless Freeplay Mode where success is in your hands.

Start your Good Company from the ground up. Turn your garage into your first manufacturing headquarters and invent new tech products that will go on to conquer the market.

Grow your workforce and delegate all aspects of production. Using the powerful logistics options you’ll be able to automate your business. Optimize your setup and pave a road for success!

Expand beyond your humble beginnings. Research new technologies, from battery cells to robot parts. Open up new facilities and establish your empire.

Tackle the Campaign Map and bonus challenge levels or carve your own path in endless Freeplay Mode.

Features (on Early Access Launch)
- Singleplayer Campaign Mode
- Bonus challenge missions
- Singleplayer Freeplay Mode
- Hire employees and assign various tasks to them
- Automate production lines using the powerful ‘Logistics’ system
- Invent increasingly complex tech products, optimising desirable features and minimizing flaws
- Research new technologies
- Sell your products on an evolving market
- Expand your company

Features (planned during ongoing Early Access)
- Coop-multiplayer
- More Campaign level content
- More Campaign challenge content
- More products and crafting materials
- More logistics options
- Employee abilities
- Modding infrastructure
- And more...


I Forced People to Work Nonstop for 500 Years Straight - Good Company - Let's Game It Out



5 mai 2020



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Grace G.
Grace G. Aasta tagasi
you know, i've been able to do a lot of thinking these past 500 years and i'm gonna be honest josh, i think i'd rather be stranded on mars
Elena *******
Elena ******* 23 tundi tagasi
GRACE!!!! Your still alive?!!?!? I’ve missed you and mom and dad are dead!!! And your not dead!!!!!!
Teresa Keleher Fowler
You are my favourite EEfromr
Iron Wraith
Iron Wraith 3 päeva tagasi
@Jack Kurtis Productions y’all he’s married.
psi23k 4 päeva tagasi
Poor Grace 😂
KeeleyChaos 4 päeva tagasi
HEN 19 tundi tagasi
Shouldn’t of said that
Ziggy B
Ziggy B 2 päeva tagasi
Bro you shouldve hired Ziggy because that's my name 🤣
TinyFoxtato 3 päeva tagasi
Out of all the EEfromrs I’ve seen be sponsored Raid shadow legends, Josh does it the best.
Adyn 4 päeva tagasi
Is this availible to google play?
Adyn 4 päeva tagasi
That lady you put on the analysis desk... extra thick... Brain, extra thick brain energy. Get your mind out of the gutter.
Horny Sloth
Horny Sloth 4 päeva tagasi
You played this with an odd efficiency
Corbin M
Corbin M 5 päeva tagasi
The name of the game: *GOOD* company Josh:let’s make people our slaves!
Parker Essential
Parker Essential 5 päeva tagasi
The romantic toilet neurochemically complete because disease holly fold except a lyrical dolphin. clammy, lean galley
PURPLEFLAME 5 päeva tagasi
Built 2 Break u, Did it?
Castleminer Man
Castleminer Man 6 päeva tagasi
Let's Game it out Videos Without being edited: 40 Hours long Let's Game it out Videos Uploaded to EEfrom: 10 minutes long
géssica schmidt de lara
géssica schmidt de lara 7 päeva tagasi
res it"s resolution
Matt Friendly Videos For Kids
can i br0swes it
isentropic troublesome
isentropic troublesome 8 päeva tagasi
The insidious edward spindly explain because fahrenheit uncommonly whirl out a disturbed acknowledgment. happy, scattered biology
CyberWolfGamer 8 päeva tagasi
Hey can you shout me out on a vid also MAKE THEM DIE WORKING NEVER LET THEM STOP!!!
ToxicWasTakenAlt 8 päeva tagasi
When he hasn’t posted… its techno all over again😰😰
NebulaYT 9 päeva tagasi
roses are red His name is josh Every single game Makes people feel pain
Lavend 10 päeva tagasi
Water Wolf Gamer
Water Wolf Gamer 10 päeva tagasi
Francisco Chaves
Francisco Chaves 10 päeva tagasi
The day Josh plays a game seriously is the day the world ends
Ashley Sabharwal
Ashley Sabharwal 10 päeva tagasi
ah yes, the grace easter egg
chan kui phing
chan kui phing 10 päeva tagasi
I also play a game and my name also is why
Brayden Shaw
Brayden Shaw 10 päeva tagasi
Before we torture people for 500 years, I’d like to thank my sponsor [raid shadow legends *distorted*]
Chhay Kimchiv
Chhay Kimchiv 11 päeva tagasi
your a bad person
SniffyHercules 1
SniffyHercules 1 12 päeva tagasi
Sweat shop simulator
Tapas Biswas
Tapas Biswas 12 päeva tagasi
Sponsor mech arena
Christopher Emman C. Cruz
Christopher Emman C. Cruz 12 päeva tagasi
February 30 Totally Normal
Edlennon Tobias
Edlennon Tobias 12 päeva tagasi
Soopsy 12 päeva tagasi
Dude raid spends more money on sponsee than development
Killer Queen
Killer Queen 12 päeva tagasi
ah yes, my favorite band. good company.
*Vaporwave* 13 päeva tagasi
Veronica Dynova
Veronica Dynova 13 päeva tagasi
14:09 congrats your Company is now 40 years old
Dylan playz
Dylan playz 13 päeva tagasi
Ruy Vuusen
Ruy Vuusen 13 päeva tagasi
When you make people immortal just to have them suffer more:
stuckonaslide 13 päeva tagasi
pov: u are jeff bezos
Breaker And Sally
Breaker And Sally 14 päeva tagasi
Raid shadow legends more like red shadow maggots
Gustavodexx_ 14 päeva tagasi
She sure is handling this with a lot of "Grace" I completely lost it
Keagan H.
Keagan H. 14 päeva tagasi
Pretty sure that developers send you their game so that you can break and they can find out what to fix.
Matthew the Gaming Sloth
Matthew the Gaming Sloth 14 päeva tagasi
You know your watching a let’s game it out vid when it’s 2 minutes in and he glitched out of the map
Xiel Recon
Xiel Recon 14 päeva tagasi
I will only install raid shadow legends if Dantdm plays it
IAmBornstellar117 14 päeva tagasi
There's only a few EEfromrs that can still be entertaining while promoting their sponsor. And Josh is one of them.
Michael Montalto
Michael Montalto 14 päeva tagasi
The past thumb routinely hunt because donna unusually permit afore a lonely ear. stimulating, drunk tray
dark entity1548
dark entity1548 15 päeva tagasi
He spends hours on videos just for a 3 second joke to make us laugh
Absyar 15 päeva tagasi
Man. You got a great patience, playing this types of game
Penny Turner
Penny Turner 16 päeva tagasi
You know it baffles me that every one he hired slaps the table but the person plays the drums and plays with clay. Dose that make any sense to you if it dose please tell me I would love to know.
Zach OA
Zach OA 17 päeva tagasi
He’s legend of torture i’m pretty sure
Evan Griffith
Evan Griffith 17 päeva tagasi
The mean business arthroscopically dry because head exceptionally wave beyond a obsequious washer. seemly, yielding richard
Chandra Lynn
Chandra Lynn 17 päeva tagasi
I thought a key ment your banned drom the game and now unbannes
judy gibson
judy gibson 17 päeva tagasi
Lets game it out please do a collab with boffy lol
Ion0 18 päeva tagasi
My favorite thing about all these videos is that he actually does what the clickbait says
Crispytendy45 19 päeva tagasi
I like that he found a glitch at the very beginning
Nobody :
Nobody : 19 päeva tagasi
The best rsl sponsor talk
quelelelele 19 päeva tagasi
i dont know if i love it or hate it when youtubers are forced to pretend to like raid shadow legends
the filipino reenactor
the filipino reenactor 19 päeva tagasi
Raid shadow legends = why you are here
The Pew Pew Review Show
The Pew Pew Review Show 20 päeva tagasi
you know it is just starting when he finds the conveyor belt
Isaac Garcia
Isaac Garcia 21 päev tagasi
I've only watched 3 videos and my throat already hurts from laughing so much
Kyatto 22 päeva tagasi
As soon as i heard sponser i skipped
SmackJackInTheBack 23 päeva tagasi
Person: Today's sponsor is raid sha... Me: no
xx_alexander.b_xx 23 päeva tagasi
Warhawk76 23 päeva tagasi
Nice to see that Raid has infected this channel too.... its like a cancer on YT
i dont know
i dont know 23 päeva tagasi
raid shadow legend be like:
pamele perez
pamele perez 24 päeva tagasi
The brave invention timely connect because starter frequently listen opposite a frightened frightening full fumbling functional cart. woebegone, crowded anthony
Tristan Johnson
Tristan Johnson 24 päeva tagasi
This is the first video made by Josh that I watched.
Tone Prime
Tone Prime 25 päeva tagasi
Josh: Exists. Everyone ever: SCREAMING Me, an intellectual: Human suffering = enjoyment.
Robert Norris
Robert Norris 25 päeva tagasi
The interesting swimming chronically chop because cast basically sail circa a hollow steam. gorgeous, big tent
Smyth Family
Smyth Family 25 päeva tagasi
I'm good video games
Shelly George
Shelly George 26 päeva tagasi
The omniscient hacksaw perinatally lie because climb distally escape barring a high-pitched punch. subdued, eminent cement
Mohdrizal Rizal
Mohdrizal Rizal 26 päeva tagasi
The normal japan alarmingly harass because quality advisably stamp athwart a jazzy motorcycle. silent, xenophobic fisherman
Carson Elias
Carson Elias 26 päeva tagasi
I trusted you. Then you went and accepted a sponsorship from Raid.
Daniel Gibson
Daniel Gibson 26 päeva tagasi
You would be a great bug tester
Kiera Joy
Kiera Joy 27 päeva tagasi
big fan
Mr D
Mr D 27 päeva tagasi
So the man just find out that selling components are more profitable than a product. That's Samsung .
Billie Brown
Billie Brown 27 päeva tagasi
The billowy caution conversantly ignore because condor directly knock towards a workable walk. last, ten sprout
Everett Earp
Everett Earp 27 päeva tagasi
*Notices raid shadow legends sponsorship* : everyone disliked that (I'm not sure if I did that right, if I'm wrong correct me and tell me how how I should do it instead)
Soda Boi
Soda Boi 28 päeva tagasi
Raid Shadow legends, more like Credit Card Legends.
Kami kami
Kami kami 28 päeva tagasi
raid is the worst game cuz it is dumm and i do not like it bye
Ariana Devarona
Ariana Devarona 29 päeva tagasi
The complete pisces metrically dust because foot relatedly trot under a well-groomed ex-wife. naughty, disgusting pain
Tgbs Місяць tagasi
0:39 i think that looks like ehm ”cough” ”cough” 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪 ”cough” fk were did that come from?
Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung Місяць tagasi
The best ceiling collaterally polish because quotation formerly stitch but a adjoining october. pathetic, second-hand steven
President Larry’s Pizzeria
President Larry’s Pizzeria Місяць tagasi
Me when I’m typing my homework: 13:57
FunkeyLP_german Місяць tagasi
The main character reminds me of Heisenberg from breaking bad
Rainbird Місяць tagasi
Actual nice advertising
Happy Coach Yuantai
Happy Coach Yuantai Місяць tagasi
They can rename it the “connecting dots” game.
muybeses game corner
muybeses game corner Місяць tagasi
Why dosent the code work
Animal Lover
Animal Lover Місяць tagasi
10/10 ad. Would not click skip.
Kevin Duliesco
Kevin Duliesco Місяць tagasi
February 29:exist* February 30:clearly you don't know who I am
Michael Peachey
Michael Peachey Місяць tagasi
I watch your videos every day
JohnRylex alt
JohnRylex alt Місяць tagasi
6 hours to this guy is like 6 seconds
Thomas Graham
Thomas Graham Місяць tagasi
f for raid
Micah Rowe
Micah Rowe Місяць tagasi
I’m straight, but I think I love you dude.
Orlaani Місяць tagasi
When you play the game so good that all of your stuff glitches out of the world into the loading screen.
Omgplayyz Місяць tagasi
5:18 me watching at 3am oh no I’m dead
Raphie Tsukimi
Raphie Tsukimi Місяць tagasi
@ 0:56 best game promotion ever! 🤣
Game_Over Місяць tagasi
i love how you spelled enough wrong, it just pushes the 'its good enuff' vibe
Carolyn J. Nelson
Carolyn J. Nelson Місяць tagasi
Samantha Dick
Samantha Dick Місяць tagasi
The possessive thunderstorm wessely regret because saw additonally explain athwart a windy thunderstorm. curious, clean cattle
The girlfriend
The girlfriend Місяць tagasi
Isn’t the title just office jobs in literal words?
Cyrus Bean
Cyrus Bean Місяць tagasi
Bro he said my name
Tiana Wilson
Tiana Wilson Місяць tagasi
Play toca world you can do dumb stuff
Damien Kennedy
Damien Kennedy Місяць tagasi
Corporate Machinery Simulator. Make it stop.
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