I Built an Unethical Zoo That's an Actual City - Planet Zoo 

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It was inevitable that animals would one day wear the human pants.

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I Built an Unethical Zoo That's an Actual City - Planet Zoo - Let's Game It Out



Build a world for wildlife in Planet Zoo. From the developers of Planet Coaster and Zoo Tycoon comes the ultimate zoo sim, featuring authentic living animals who think, feel and explore the world you create around them. Experience a globe-trotting campaign or let your imagination run wild in the freedom of Sandbox mode. Create unique habitats and vast landscapes, make big decisions and meaningful choices, and nurture your animals as you construct and manage the world’s wildest zoos.

Meet a world of incredible animals. From playful lion cubs to mighty elephants, every animal in Planet Zoo is a thinking, feeling individual with a distinctive look and personality of their own. Craft detailed habitats to bring your animals’ natural environments home, research and manage each species to allow them to thrive, and help your animals raise families to pass their genes onto future generations.

Manage an amazing living world that responds to every decision you make. Focus on the big picture or go hands-on and control the smallest details. Thrill visitors with iconic exhibits, develop your zoo with new research, and release new generations of your animals back into the wild. Your choices come alive in a world where animal welfare and conservation comes first.

Planet Zoo’s powerful piece-by-piece construction tools let you effortlessly make your zoo unique. Every creative decision you make impacts the lives of your animals and the experience of your visitors. Let your imagination run wild as you dig lakes and rivers, raise hills and mountains, carve paths and caves, and build stunning zoos with a choice of unique themes and hundreds of building components.

Join a connected community and share the world’s most creative habitats, scenery and even whole zoos on the Steam Workshop. See your own designs appear in zoos around the world, or discover fresh new content from the Planet Zoo community every day.



5 jaan 2020



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Let's Game It Out
Let's Game It Out Aasta tagasi
I think I am finally one with Planet Zoo.
Jonathan do
Jonathan do 3 tundi tagasi
Pro boy A E
Pro boy A E 3 päeva tagasi
Luciano Foley
Luciano Foley 5 päeva tagasi
Bakugou katsuki
Bakugou katsuki 5 päeva tagasi
More planet zoooooooooo! This is your last planet zoo videos
C Beers
C Beers 6 päeva tagasi
Punchboy2011 25 minutit tagasi
6:35 it’s gonna be a-mazing
Joseph's Jungle
Joseph's Jungle 5 tundi tagasi
‘What was a second for you was 10 million years for me I built a ‘mini’ downtown’ Me: yes very very mini downtown
Papasult 9 tundi tagasi
This should be in the Steam store, this is spectacular, especially the torture
Papasult 9 tundi tagasi
NGL, some of his builds is good and pleasant
Max Strandberg
Max Strandberg 13 tundi tagasi
Caily Briel Cruz
Caily Briel Cruz 18 tundi tagasi
2:34 Likes this if you think it’s umibozu
Chancey Terry
Chancey Terry Päev tagasi
89%100 of him killing someone
Sam L
Sam L Päev tagasi
at 8:33 i legitimately cringed due to cats being on. that movie started everything going from normal to hell. it spread like a disease.
Phatboy 9000
Phatboy 9000 Päev tagasi
And thus zootopia was created
HUNT3R H2012
HUNT3R H2012 Päev tagasi
I call the city *Zootopia* xD I call the enterance *Pac-zoo* xD Annnnnnnnnnnd I got a song! Good good have a good day! We hope you have a good day At the zoo we see lions, tigers, giraffes with some ocelots Enjoy your day at the zoo!
Bryan Goldfield
Bryan Goldfield Päev tagasi
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Jeramie Sy
Jeramie Sy Päev tagasi
Yea its like area 51
John Brown
John Brown 2 päeva tagasi
The rich vise immediately complain because degree metabolically whistle forenenst a fragile bangladesh. materialistic, ambitious ship
Daniel La Zarr
Daniel La Zarr 2 päeva tagasi
You make the absolute best videos!
Hannah Mattox
Hannah Mattox 3 päeva tagasi
The ghost eyeballs are absolutely nightmare fuel, and as I was typing that, guy says "nightmare fuel" immediately after I typed it and I kinda panicked a little 😂😂😂
Fidgek _
Fidgek _ 3 päeva tagasi
Zootapia irl
_ Slyer
_ Slyer 3 päeva tagasi
It's only natural to watch this 1 once a year
Astro Galaxy
Astro Galaxy 3 päeva tagasi
I can’t find this game
GameInTheLife 4 päeva tagasi
Josh's favorite color is chaos
Starkel Stamp
Starkel Stamp 4 päeva tagasi
Hes not only good at ruining games he's also good at building :) and do glitches
Jason Lihani
Jason Lihani 4 päeva tagasi
How much money do you spend on Adderall per video?
Witty the ballistic bomb
Witty the ballistic bomb 4 päeva tagasi
pac-Man is my favorite game how do you put that in the game
Luciano Foley
Luciano Foley 5 päeva tagasi
Everyone is stupid so you are I am very bad so you are Why am I commenting anymore I hate my self
malc2570 malc2570
malc2570 malc2570 5 päeva tagasi
SirSandman 5 päeva tagasi
"the movie theater is playing Cats" *screams instantly erupt from the theater*
Giant Zombie
Giant Zombie 5 päeva tagasi
Whoever whatches this video didnt want to sleep the next 4 week s
Red DaBoi
Red DaBoi 5 päeva tagasi
You should’ve put A Gorilla at 7:27 to look like King Kong is attacking the city.
Gavin Alexander
Gavin Alexander 6 päeva tagasi
When the giraffe died in the elevator, I fell out of my chair.
Tayden Amick
Tayden Amick 6 päeva tagasi
When you put 41 hours later all I get is an ad of an car crash
Felipe Flores (Jollypop)
Felipe Flores (Jollypop) 6 päeva tagasi
Jasen Franklin
Jasen Franklin 6 päeva tagasi
He’s legit good at decorating
Qiano Ghievarrel
Qiano Ghievarrel 6 päeva tagasi
claresorman 6 päeva tagasi
His version of cats is better than the Real movie
YoutubAS 6 päeva tagasi
Wow, the pacman game is impressive!
Ahmad Binhumoooda
Ahmad Binhumoooda 6 päeva tagasi
You,r so silly buddy
P. M.
P. M. 6 päeva tagasi
shut up
Krispy 7 päeva tagasi
Best part of the video, “Are you here to use the bathroom? Why not?” Lmao
Sheila Stevens
Sheila Stevens 7 päeva tagasi
The knowing canadian gergely hook because apparel importantly suppose notwithstanding a hallowed luttuce. wonderful, understood ear
David's World
David's World 7 päeva tagasi
The bears are drunk
Jason Murgatroyd
Jason Murgatroyd 7 päeva tagasi
I have a question Josh when do u sleep?
icedragon24 8 päeva tagasi
Strait out of my hyper dreams
Toot “lquick1126” lquick
Stormblaster09 8 päeva tagasi
“41 hours later” “yes really”
Varoon Jayakrishnan
Varoon Jayakrishnan 8 päeva tagasi
That elevator giraffe part was lit
Agatha Schneida
Agatha Schneida 9 päeva tagasi
don´t google spider bear...like...don´t.
aemama88 9 päeva tagasi
The bear-tenders head is in the pot so it kinda looks like he's hungover😹
DEAD DOG 9 päeva tagasi
the latest saw movie hit different
Alexis Davis
Alexis Davis 10 päeva tagasi
I want to play this game so I can make a city but so they don't die
Sarah Eckhardt
Sarah Eckhardt 10 päeva tagasi
"is this area 51?" had me laughing lol
Average People Productions
Killian experice is angry “Trash pandas”
Eda Seckin
Eda Seckin 10 päeva tagasi
I remember when the giraffe was busy in the elevator and talked with and then fall down and became asleep
Eda Seckin
Eda Seckin 10 päeva tagasi
And then the giraffe died R.I.P. giraffe:(
Sarah Marsh
Sarah Marsh 10 päeva tagasi
Oh my goodness
Ahmed Alibaba
Ahmed Alibaba 10 päeva tagasi
The thing I love about this channel is that he makes things that takes hours to make just to make us laugh if you know what I mean, and I don’t know a single other youtuber who does that.
Jarren Smith
Jarren Smith 10 päeva tagasi
Funny how I think it’s funny that I’m sad about animals dying, but not humans
gregory 10 päeva tagasi
Star buck-centar bucks😂😂😂
Jacqueline Villanueva
Jacqueline Villanueva 11 päeva tagasi
This is gorgeous
levent zegrek
levent zegrek 11 päeva tagasi
This zoo looks fun ngl
hongping lin
hongping lin 11 päeva tagasi
z z z z z z
hongping lin
hongping lin 11 päeva tagasi
Alice Robertson
Alice Robertson 11 päeva tagasi
Kjhģytvhñhh h y u n huk
Jordan hawley
Jordan hawley 11 päeva tagasi
When you said Amazing at 6:35 I don't know if that was a accidental pun or not.
Kip 11 päeva tagasi
"Stage one of pac-man" Are you telling me there's a stage 2?
Jayden Gates
Jayden Gates 11 päeva tagasi
The evasive litter conspicuously bless because sandwich suddenly embarrass astride a rude flavor. bitter, disgusted dill
Helen Boulton
Helen Boulton 11 päeva tagasi
I laughed so hard when I seen this
Leona Gonzalez
Leona Gonzalez 12 päeva tagasi
The alleged linda accordingly fancy because look essentially arrange down a probable port. bad, quarrelsome plow
Adrien914 12 päeva tagasi
I bought this game thanks to you and i'm having a blast! ( even though my freakin' peacocks are always ill )
Karis the Unicorn
Karis the Unicorn 12 päeva tagasi
me: oh hes just gonnna put it out front normally me 10 seconds later: hes not normal he puts 2000
liam forsyth
liam forsyth 12 päeva tagasi
The movie cats makes so much sense now. It was actually directed by Josh. No wonder it was a disaster! We just didn’t realise it was on purpose 😂
MemeZilla 12 päeva tagasi
My favorite part of this entire channel is this series solely because he’s certainly an enemy to PETA, plus it’s just insanity
Pikachu 12 päeva tagasi
Ezekiel Navarro
Ezekiel Navarro 12 päeva tagasi
Nate The great Omega Mart Employee
Reese Courtney Remigio
Reese Courtney Remigio 12 päeva tagasi
Nathan Clark
Nathan Clark 13 päeva tagasi
The tricky oval multivariately smoke because invoice conventionally soak following a dry geography. groovy, magenta zinc
Misti Moran
Misti Moran 13 päeva tagasi
this is my most favourite episode of planet zoo so creative
Raptor8305 13 päeva tagasi
i actually wanna copy the pac man look and add exhibits to it while still keeping that pacman look cause wow thats amazing..
Enzo33190 13 päeva tagasi
I have binged watched all of these Zoo episodes and I have to say, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.
Sleepy Neko
Sleepy Neko 13 päeva tagasi
"Mom can we get pac-man" Mom: "We have pac-man at home" Pac-man at home:
Jeremy Martin
Jeremy Martin 13 päeva tagasi
Is Josh secretly a genius? The Pac-Man maze was impressive, but then Zoo City is a tour de force. Sometimes I'm in helpless laughter from these videos, but sometimes I'm just kind of awed at the sheer trollish magnitude of it all.
Malek1013 13 päeva tagasi
Huh. Just realized the giraffe tongue is the wrong color...
Lasagna 14 päeva tagasi
I just got a (Maryland) zoo ad and the first thing they showed was a giraffe I think it was a sign
JXDgamer2 14 päeva tagasi
Hmmmmmmmmm :Idea: Make a Literal hell for Animals and people
a normal youtube youtuber
a normal youtube youtuber 14 päeva tagasi
Lincoln Miller
Lincoln Miller 14 päeva tagasi
"It's okay, Pac-Man. There's plenty of you to go around."
Jenny Dougherty
Jenny Dougherty 14 päeva tagasi
I was just playing Pac-Man loll
Cody Storms
Cody Storms 15 päeva tagasi
I always find your skill and humour so entertaining. Please make more zoo content!
Sir Truths
Sir Truths 15 päeva tagasi
"your standard rift into hell"
The Top Hat
The Top Hat 15 päeva tagasi
Make a forest with buildings and have animals in it and people go missing.
Penny Turner
Penny Turner 16 päeva tagasi
Josh you remind me of me you are really smart but you use your power for evil.
Flame Of sea
Flame Of sea 16 päeva tagasi
That's what I call dedication
RS • CØBRA 16 päeva tagasi
To be honest right now, It's not that bad😋
Lord Freg
Lord Freg 16 päeva tagasi
You have won, Josh..... but at what cost?
l3al3yGiraffe 17 päeva tagasi
I mean, the Coca Cola bear looks over it, but at least he’s alive
alberto bäckman
alberto bäckman 17 päeva tagasi
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 17 päeva tagasi
!enasni s'yug sihT
Corcadiele 17 päeva tagasi
CoKe cOlA bEaR
Dream zeppeli ☑️
Dream zeppeli ☑️ 17 päeva tagasi
You are a creative person though
Zeb Rosann
Zeb Rosann 18 päeva tagasi
My dog and i love your vids
Furia Wings
Furia Wings 18 päeva tagasi
I feel like the only place animals won't suffer is in that neighborhood area.
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